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Tournament Male: Initiation

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Become a Tournament Male Alongside Aligned Men

Do you lack a social circle that fuels your growth and aligns with your values?

Do you struggle to lead your family with no male peers to help you achieve harmony?

Do you try to improve your 9-5 or build a business without collaboration from proven men?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are living an unnatural life.

You have no tribe.

Without a tribe, when the next crisis hits you’ll be all alone. You may have people around you, but you won’t trust them.

TM exists for this reason.

It is at the core a tribe. A tribe of men who are on a similar mission and are committed to helping each other succeed.

It is designed with all the rituals and traditions that develop real bonds between men.

With the physical in-person tribe broken, it is time for the digital tribe to rise and take its place.

This digital tribe interacts online daily and meets in-person as much as possible.

Tournament Male members are from all over the world, with most in North America.

Turn Your Life Into a Game

The natural incentives of tribal living have been ruined in modern life. Men don't work together and rarely see the exponential benefits of joining forces.

We’ve recreated these incentives through gamification on our platform.

We focus on 3 areas:

Fitness - Lose the Belly, Build Muscle, and Gain a Commanding Presence

A tribe without physical standards will disintegrate. The daily focus on fitness is a priority for all members of Tournament Male. The fitness systems are the result of 15 years of me running personal training studios. The workouts and nutrition have been carefully crafted from the feedback and results of 1000s of clients.

When you plug into TM's fitness app, you will experience the most effective and easiest to follow program in the world.

In-Person Training Session with members of TM

Frame - Lead Your Family With High Cooperation

Most men do not know how to lead their families. Their relationship with their spouse is stressful, and they worry about how their kids will behave in the future.

Frame is how you enact your standards, interests, and habits with your family and extended network. A man's frame is in conflict with the frame's of others at all times. Other frames' are trying at all times to influence the minds of your wife, children, and employees. If you don't build frame, you won't be in charge of the direction of the people you care about most.

Visual representation of frame and frame conflict

Our daily coaching and our weekly frame forum video meetings are designed to help a man define his frame and win the frame conflicts that are going on around him.

The result is a cooperation and respect from your wife and everyone around you.

As soon as you join TM you tap into the collective experience of other members who can help you build a strong frame that never loses.

Weekly Frame Forum Meeting

Co-Working - Build Your Own Business or Improve Your 9-5

A tribe can’t be complete without group hunting. Co-Working is our attempt to recreate the tribal hunt. We recognize members will be doing different things to earn money, but with co-working we can aid each other in our endeavors to exponentially increase our odds of succeeding and thriving.

Co-Working is a productivity and insight platform that leverages group motivation and the collective competence of members. The men of TM are constantly working on their businesses and learning new tools to be more productive and make more money.

If you've been building a business alone or trying to improve your 9-5 without insight from trusted, competent men then you're leaving money on the table. You'll take longer to find solutions for your problems and miss out on opportunities to expand your network.

TM member leaves 9-5 with help from Co-Working

3 Spheres of Sovereignty

Explained in sovereignty terms, these are our spheres of focus:

The 3 gamified spheres of sovereignty members focus on together

Family Sovereignty - moral authority, culture, homeschooling, marital cooperation

Biological Sovereignty - body fat %, strength, steps, calories

Economic Sovereignty - cash flow, assets, technology, time-freedom

In Tournament Male all members are united by the “glue” of working on these areas. The platform has built in gamification that compels all members to high standards and performance in these areas.

As the network gets stronger, we all get stronger.

Men on a Mission of Sovereignty Together

Recent in-person meetup

Before a shared mission, tribes must have a shared value system.

The value system of Tournament Male is Sovereignty.

Sovereignty is the focus on successful defense of a territory.

Bitcoin, for instance, is money that is very defensible territory. This is why it gives sovereignty to the user.

When a man truly controls what’s his, without any outsiders able to take it, he is sovereign.

Men who think about sovereignty must be de facto territorial.

All members of Tournament Male are territorial. This is our unique disposition.

We are protectors. Defenders. We are AGAINST the modern nefarious invaders. We are protecting our family, our friends, OUR NETWORK, from being conquered by modern postmodern belief systems, institutions, and corporations.

Only men with highly aligned views on territory and sovereignty are allowed in Tournament Male.

This is the foundational glue that unites us like brothers.

Join us.

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Tournament Male: Initiation

29 ratings